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CES 2017: 5 trends to expect this year

CES 2017: 5 Trends To Expect This Year Smart Cars and Autonomous Vehicles: In 2017, autonomous vehicles and connected cars will likely steal the show. Self-driving has gone from technology from a distant future to a technology that’s actually real. Internet of Things: The Internet of Things, or IoT, will be represented in just about every product shown in one form or another. With the major VR players already having devices out and about, CES 2017 could serve as a venue to showcase how these companies plan to improve their offerings. TVs: With 4K gradually gaining ground, 1080p HDTVs have been losing steam and major TV makers are expected to virtually phase them out in favor of 4K versions. Alexa, Alexa, Alexa! You can also expect to hear about Alexa over and over and over. Sure Google Home is in there fighting it out, but Amazon’s Alexa platform will be integrated into all kinds of products

Source: Inform News

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